Who is Anthony B. Smellie

Who is Anthony B. Smellie? Growing up I read a lot of comics, and fantasy books. Then animation came on the scene. This piqued my interest more. I enjoyed the way the writer moved the characters through the stories. After a while, I begin to crave more interesting storylines that captured my imagination. So, one day I started to write my own story, and this is where my passion for writing fictional books began. As the story evolves, it began to take on its own life. Resulting in the chapter fantasy book series, Prophecy of a Planet. While writing this it births other books.

‘The Meeting’, being the first book in the series, talks about the ‘Great Battle’, and the reason for the battle. Here you learn about some of the Adiean Lords, Matoca who started it, Scarra, Yar, and Draka. You learn about the plan to conquer the clans that are living on Icka Domain.

‘Ambushed Clan Veloian~~part one~~’, the second in the series. Here you learn about clan Veloian. How they play, train, and interact with each other. You learn the clan structure. You will have a better understanding of Clan Veloian, and find out how they were ambushed.

Betrayed from within, the third book in the series in this book you get to know the Clan Dekam. Their Hierarchy starting with the Council of Twelve. You will learn about most of them especially Niya, Cera, Tannous, and Diyha. Travel with them to Matoca’s Kazar and find out who betrayed the clan.

‘A Conflict of Interest: UES Galaxy Fights for Our Future-Operation OACOI.’ In this novel, you will learn about a war that lasted two hundred years. You will find out how, and why the war started. What they sacrifice to stop it, and why they had to go back in time. Then you will learn of a shocker that will blow your mind. Travel with the brave men and women who gave their all.

‘David and the Wizard.’ This children's story about a young boy with a vivid imagination. Follow David as he tackles life problems and the Wizard Diyha who helps him. Find out about all the wonderful creatures David sees and how they also help. As the series continues your child will learn Diyha’s secret.

All this and more stories to come like; Children's story, Prophecy of a Planet continues, Crime Drama, and a Sifi-Fantasy.

I hope you enjoy reading as I enjoy writing them.

Thank You

Anthony B. Smellie