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Who is Anthony B. Smellie

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Who is Anthony B. Smellie? I grew up reading lots of comics, and fantasy books. Then animation came on the scene. This piqued my interest more. I enjoyed the way the writer moved the characters through the stories. After a while, I begin to crave more interesting storylines that captured my imagination.


So, one day, at the age of fourteen, I started to write my own story. This is where my passion for writing fictional books began. My first attempt was a science fiction book. While writing that story I created my first children's book. 'David and the Wizard'.


The writing of the children's book inspired me to other stories.

As my stories evolve, they began to take on their own life. Resulting in the chapter fantasy book series, Prophecy of a Planet. While writing this it births ideas for other books.

Look for more as the Prophecy of a Planet continues. All this and more stories to come like; Children's, Crime Drama, and other Sifi-Fantasy.

I hope you enjoy reading as I enjoy writing them.

Thank You

Anthony B. Smellie

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