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A slow but steady introduction to an indelible world.

Many years after a devastating battle, Clans on a distant planet may be preparing for another conflict in this launch of a fantasy series.


Smellie (David and the Wizard, 2011) scrupulously details life on Jahanet in this novella. This sets an unhurried pace, with comprehensive descriptions of geography, customs, and terminology, such as cycles (years) and high rock (mountain).


Recurrent flashbacks to the Great Battle, however, are often exciting and intense, even if they’re too brief. There are likewise captivating creatures, from Lentars, giant flying beasts with sharp teeth and tails, to the six-legged Zaruses that people ride like horses. 


Delightful protagonists and a consistent pace make for an enjoyable fantasy tale.


Great Sci Fi book. I love this book so much! Great story line and great author. I would recommend it if you love Sci fi.

Renee Rowley

In this sequel, members of a clan fear that a malevolent figure who spearheaded a devastating battle has returned.


A series entry that advances the ongoing story at a leisurely pace, but the striking characters are a plus.


I found this story to be unique in its own way. I like how the author has the characters play against each other, I want more.


Great author, his book is very interesting and unique. You can always expect something and exciting when you open a new book.


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